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Welcome to the official website of the Liberal National Party USA. Liberals always win the issues and Conservatives always lose.  From the beginning of recorded history, over 6000 years, conservatives and liberals have disagreed over issues.  From then to now, when the conservative and liberal come to an agreement over any particular issue, it is the liberal issue that wins. The conservative belief and behavior always loses. Yes, conservative issues have held sway, even for long periods, like Democracy taking a hiatus for over 2000 years. That issue was settled, the liberals won. Conservatives have successfully halted progress but sooner or later progress continues.  Conservatism is the dropped anchor on the good ship progressive.       

We liberals have to once again rally on the commons, throw the tea overboard, and declare independence from plutocracy and oligarchy.  We are in danger of losing our hard won democratic system.  This conservative barrage, since the early 1980s, has gone from an interesting aberrant fashion into a Draconian mind-set.  This has to be addressed.  No, it has to be stopped. The longer this conservative tide continues the more disruptive will be the corrections. And the corrections, the righting of the wrongs, will come to pass. They always have.  We now begin a new political party, the Liberal National Party USA.


We encourage all Liberals, world wide, to become members of Liberal National Party USA.  As a USA political party abiding by our U.S. Constitution we support the liberal agenda which has no boundaries.  The  liberal agenda in the USA affects, in a lesser or greater degree, everyone in the world.  Join us to be heard.