Liberal National Party
and Committee
LNC Platform



(Cataloged by Institutions) 

The following are laws, rules, and constitutional amendments* for enactment as deemed by the Executive Committee, of the Liberal National Committee™.  


  1. Guns are a privilege, regulated by Congress.*
  2. Nat’l Guard is the only militia with in the state under the autonomous control of the Governor. There is one militia per state.*
  3. There is a National Service Department.  Service Administration Vocational  Experience (S.A.V.E.).  
  4. Congress gives easy access for loans to small companies and startups.
  5. ERA is passed adding full gay rights.*
  6. Gender rights protection:  Woman choosing abortion will not be hindered in any way to that right.* (incorporated into the ERA?)
  7. Flags are for identification.  They are not, by law, a symbol.
  8. The constitutional right of petitioning congress will take place on Present Petition to Congress Day in the Congress person’s state and or state district.*
  9. A national ID for everyone at birth turn in at 18 years old for a pictured ID.
  10. Campaign finance will come from individual donors and tax allocations along with free media advertising.  
  11. All election winners are determined by direct plurality.
  12. The first Tuesday in November is a national paid holiday for all employed.
  13. Social Security will be deducted from all pay checks regardless of amount earned.
  14. Social Security allocations are for low to medium income, under 180,000 dollars and will be taxed exempt.
  15. Social Security allocations for high income will be allocated in lump sum at age 70 determined, without interest, what they put in.
  16. EPA rules are written by PhD’s from the major state universities.
  17. All elected officials can be recalled by the voters.*
  18. Whistle blowers are afforded protection and are eligible for rewards.
  19. Impeach Thomas and Scalia.
  20. Scrap the Patriot Act and start over with an efficient central Federal Police System.
  21. Redistricing done by 4 Dems. and 4 Repubs for the whole country.


  1. Enact a nation wide realistic sex education.
  2. Paid and or salaried media personalities are to teach and inform.  Falsehoods, spins, half truths or misdirected facts perpetrated by the said personalities will result in heavy fines to the venue.
  3. School vouchers are an exception determined by the superintendent of schools and or by the university president.
  4. Only public schools can receive public funding, rebates, or public services.  Private schools are non-profit companies.
  5. All colleges and Universities public or private will require 16 hours of varies social science courses. 
  6. Social Sciences will be taught in middle school.
  7. Internet structured as a library.


  1. Churches that support political candidates will be taxed at 35%.
  2. Churches are non-profit companies.
  3. All churches, denominations, and religious beliefs have equal status.
  4. Exception to #2, Fundamentalism is outlawed.


  1. Procreators taxed extra for every child. 
  2. Procreator’s progressive tax on children after the first child.
  3. Children can be raised other than by the traditional family.


  1. Earn 250k and above taxed at 40%.
  2. Earn one million and above tax is 50%.
  3. Tax loopholes for individual and joint returns are closed.
  4. Tax loopholes for corporations are closed.
  5. Corporations are taxed at 17.5% of all monies acquired.
  6. Companies earning less than 100 million dollars are taxed at 10%.
  7. Estate tax, as unearned income, is 50%.
  8. A corporation is a facility.*
  9. U.S.A. corporations are HQ in this country, major facilities in this country, and use in country US Banks exclusively.
  10. Legalize, like Canada, prostitution.
  11. Legalize Marijuana.
  12. The Federal Reserve is run by the US Administration.
  13. Service contractors to any government entity will be nonprofit.
  14. Government loans made simple and easy for, public benefit, start-up companies.
  15.  Tax deductible church contributions based on same rules as political candidates.


  1. Medicare with a progressive co-pay for all persons in country.*
  2. Any accredited insurance company can offer health insurance.
  3. Military budget to Clinton’s 3 month rule.
  4. Most severe court sentence is life incarceration.*
  5. The “fifth” plea can not be used in court or before congress.
  6. Addicts will be removed from society into rehab centers.
  7. Judges will be appointed not elected.*

  * These might have to be constitutional amendments.  

The following are ways of behavior for change as deemed by the Executive Committee, of the Liberal National Committee ™.  

  1. Get out of all wars.
  2. The national service: Service Administration Vocational Experience (S.A.V.E.).
    • Build more infrastructure as in dams etc.
    • Register Voters.
    • Beautification of Urban Areas.
    • Repair infrastructure.
    • Have urban trade schools for needed jobs.
    • More encompassing Head Start, add food for fuel.
    • Proliferate small one or two person health clinics per neighborhood.
    • Clean up all toxic wasteland and water.
    • Etc.
  3. Get serious, conscientious, and active with inspectors and regulators to:
    • The EPA.
    • Financial facilities.
    • Education programs and administrations.
    • The civil facilities in the institution of Amelioration.
  4. Adhere and enforce laws already on the books:
    • Protect the whistle blower.
    • Indict public officials no matter their position or status  for breaking laws and treaties.


Keith A. Dewey, chairman