September 4, 2012 @ 12:45 AM


Structure determines behavior.  The biological human structure will influence personality, attitude, thus behavior.  Simply put; what you look like and what physical things you can do will influence who you are.  Three examples: If a male is an agile Mesomorph attending high school he will probably play football.  If a person can run the hundred in less than 10 seconds they will probably be on a track team.  Sitting in the front seat on the left hand side of a car going 60 MPH determines a different behavior than being in the back seat. 

The male has dominated it’s species from pre homo-sapiens to present.  He managed the growth and flourishing of humankind.  But the species by size and through social continuum has become more civilized, cultured and collective.  We no longer need the male structural attributes.  We don’t need the superior muscle, the aggressive nature or the ability to compartmentalize and isolate in an immediate, physical, life-threatening crises to mention a few. 

What we need now is a change of management.  We need a deliberate, reflective, inquisitive and cognitive approach to managing the species.  Might no longer is needed to make right.  The female physiology shaping her personality should be recognized as superior. 

The acme female consequential biological structure is quintessential.  For a woman to engage in procreational sex she is penetrated.  By her very nature decisions are more choosey, cautious, preventative, verbal and reflective, all the necessary attributes for our species to flourish.  The male’s sex organs are outside his body.  He is so detached from his sex organ he usually names his member as if it were a side-kick.  Men can believe other humans are not, men can detach themselves more easily from empathy to other subjects or objects and they do. 

Men can learn to be civilized as women are.  And women can learn to be warriors, physical emergency solvers and harsh survivalists.  But the biological structure a person finds themselves is part of their subconscious.  The female structure gives the woman a natural proclivity for behavior that best fits this stage on the species continuum. 

Imagine a person given a food they have never seen.  The person will look inquisitively at it, will sniff it, then maybe place a small morsel on the tip of their tongue and smack their lips before allowing it into their body.  On the other hand we’ll stick our finger in most anything.