September 4, 2012 @ 12:29 AM

Dear Liberals: You’re getting red in the face, stress level is up and your spouse is tired of you walking around with a scowl.  All this lauding, legitimizing and legalizing conservatism is getting to you.  I know that.  But you have to put it in perspective.  Conservatives have been around for 27 thousand years, they are not about to go away.  Conservatism is an ethos, eternal and existential part of our species.  It is a needed entity for the survival of any society.  So, deal with it.  Now hold on, let me explain. 

First, there is a large segment in any humankind society and cultures that fear the unknown, the new and change.  This ailment takes on many manifestations.  One is they don’t want to loose what they have.  They are comfortable, don’t rock the boat.  This attitude is a borderline exacerbated personality trait of security.  These people need representatives.  This handicap needs help. 

Second, conservatives have a propensity for simplicity.  They can not grasp complex causes or effects.  Conservatives are conceptually challenged.  Ambiguities cause over load.  Coupled with recent studies that show, on the whole, conservatives have lower IQ then liberals only deepen the morass.  I would also posit that the structure of conservatism exacerbates the malady.  It puts them in a box.  So they look for simple solutions.  Capital punishment, torture, abstinence, Fundamentalism, dissing science and leaving significant differentiated groups out of the equation to mention but a few.  

Third, the myopic simple approach to solutions leads to made up solutions and explanations that are for a species that does not exist.  Some examples of these are: the “free-market” which never was, the invented trickle down economy, and personal responsibility.  Or they just make things up, superstitions if you will, to keep their comfort level and explain what they can’t grasp.  And the more we liberals point out the incongruities the deeper they dig in.  They even invent more myths to live. 

The fore mentioned three have one thing in common; conservative behavior can not keep up with the liberal.  Liberals push the agenda too fast for the conservatives.  They are mentally challenged to keep up which would leave behind a large section of the society.  Conservatives, if properly represented, would be the fail safe to slow the liberals down so the weak can catch up before they are lost entirely.  The later would lead to a civil war.  

Fourth, just pure ethnocentrism manifested in greed is a major conservative attitude.  Get all you can, as often as you can, when ever you can.  Disregard the left behinds.  This result is a Bastille Day, the 99%ers, our revolution and other tumultuous corrections. 

It is a disaster; history proves this, for conservatives to be in charge.  The longer conservatives are in control the more volatile the remedy.  When the liberal and the conservative agree on a clashed issue it is the liberal that wins, always, every time! Rock-n-roll, round earth, woman can vote, contraception, end of slavery, are but a few examples from thousands of written examples over the last 6400+ years.  “Conservatism is the dropped anchor on the Good Ship Progress” (LNP).  “Conservatives hug today what liberals got yesterday” (LNP). 

Liberals need to stop ignoring, ridiculing and being snooty to conservatives.  Conservatives have no choice as to what they are.  

The solutions: First, conservatives are here, they can’t go away.  Accept the fact they need guidance so let them have their political representatives.  Second: when a person believes that Adam and Eve rode around on dinosaurs 6000 years ago or believe in the Rapture they are in stage “permanent la la land”.  So there is no hope of changing the Fundamentalists.  Isolate them.  Make them impotent as soon and often as possible.  Third: every liberal in every communication venue relentlessly educate.  A clear concise barrage of logic and knowledge, in particular from the social science, will allow the conservative to assist in flourishing the species from the position of “the loyal opposition”.