September 3, 2012 @ 2:10 PM

Religion has every right, even a duty, an obligation to reinforce government, education, parentage, economy, arts, recreation and amelioration.  These fore mentioned institutions cannot grow and flourish without religious support.  The stronger, the more pure the religious behavior the stronger and more pure is society.  Religion has to be intertwined, coupled and be an integral part of culture.  Religion: - The universally acquired feelings holding sacred the behavior essential for the species survival.

But, religion can not, must not take over the duties of other institutions, even if that society had a one hundred percent participation in a non-supernatural and dogmatic religion.  But we have a society that does have those beliefs through a number of different sects.  And the most dangerous is taking over.

We are witnessing this creep of take-over in the USby the most diabolical disastrous destructive type of religious behavior Fundamentalism (Evangelicals).  If the USis to survive we have to expunge this poison.  Religious superstition supposition and supernatural causality has no place in government. 

Believing in superstition and the supernatural is almost harmless to self and society.  But actually acting out that belief is disastrous causality.  All human behavior is cause>effect, cause>effect, cause>effect ad infinitum.  Imagine a little child playing Super Man.  This immature being is running around with a towel tied around the neck, arms outstretched pretending to fly.  This is harmless unless this child has the faith that human flight is possible and jumps off the roof.  Now this entertaining cute harmlessplay becomes a catastrophe.  This child had a supernatural belief.  Supernatural defined as beyond science, not of the laws of nature.  There isno harm to think, talk or write about science fiction or even act it out.  But if this science fiction becomes causal faith, then this child dies.  This imagined scenario is extreme.  Even for this young immature child, some thinking with an immediate negative consequence would prevent a tragedy.

Now into the adult world; if you want to believe that Minerva was born from the head of Jupiter (Athena from Zeus) or any of the other traditional invented beliefs that are contrary to the laws of nature then go ahead,not as cute as playing Super Man but pretty harmless.  However, turn these thoughts into causality that defies scientificprinciples and we have global malfeasance.

Keep in mind the state should never pass person-hood laws (a dress code) but only group laws (traffic regulations).  When all the differences are removed from all the lasting religions there is a common thread.  Behavior for the survival, growth and flourishing of the Society and holding such behavior sacred is integral in every religion.  Every successful community, culture and society has this religious element.  The various methods, of instilling this sacredity are many.  The government has a duty to protect religion so it can accomplish holding sacred the good life.  Government also has the duty to protect itself and other institutions from supernatural causality.  When the latter happens, enter government to stop the encroachment. 

  However government should stay out of regulating spirituality.  Or put another way: don’t interfere with how a person motivates themselves to hold sacred their religion.  If a person wants to believe in a god or what-ever dogma it is no ones’ business except that person.  And to the contrary if a person doesn’t believe in God or Gods then what is the problem?  There is none.  As a liberal I would never under any circumstance try and change a persons personal religious beliefs, nor would I criticize what method a person uses to be group-way moral.  If one is comfortable with how they believe then I am happy for them.  Behavior is the ultimate morality not how you get there.

To reiterate: One’s belief in God and particular sacred methods is personal and best kept private.  Government has no right to try and change that belief.  But openly preach your Godism, badger people in public about your Godism, do so at your social peril.  Try to pass laws reflecting your religious views then Government has the duty to step in and stop it.  The government has the duty to protect the rest of the institutions and itself from religions harmful parochial methods.  One example: Creation is one such harmful causality.  It is one of those particular sacred dogmas.  It is completely outside the realm of science and logic to believe Adam and Eve rode around on dinosaurs 10,000 years ago.  Earth is a little more than 4.5 billion years.  Any laws for or against evolution are group laws and therefore legitimate laws for government to be involved.  Another harmful causality religious belief is any Anti-abortion law.  These are religious laws with no group-way scientific merit. 

We should know if a political candidate wants to implement their sacred imaginary objects on faith into law.  What is relatively harmless in private affairs will now have dire consequence to the group.  Even if a lawmaker does not try to pass laws reflecting their religious beliefs there could be a problem.  This lawmaker has legitimized, imbedded in their subconscious, imagined behavior is reality.  Laws are then passed for a species that does not exist.