Liberal National Party
and Committee
The Liberal Mission


There is ample evidence we are moving backwards as a society.  And this backward movement is becoming more imbedded. It is becoming more acceptable: to torture, to write laws by corporations, to legitimize religion in government, to start preemptive wars, to write laws on myth, to write laws for a species that does not exist, to bully, to make up reality, to disparage science,  to increase pollution, to unrestrained population growth, to propagate communism by getting rid of government, to blame the poor, to blame the ill, to blame the old, to be a racist, to be a bigot, to spew hate, to instill false fear, to denigrate minorities, to praise oligarchy, to accept plutocracy, to be a coward, to pledge for cults.  This acceptability is becoming more permanent, prevalent, organized and obligatory. For the society the country this has to stop or we will disintegrate.   

The conservatives are in fear of two things political. The first is the liberal.  We expose their inadequacy by logic and facts. We shout the King has no cloths. Liberals use science and logic. Conservatives can’t stand that.  To them using Science is cheating, not playing fair.  Knowledge is our juggernaut.  Knowledge breeds liberalism.  It is not so much their scamming but their mental inability to compete.  Conservatives as a whole have a lower IQ then Liberals. (Psychology Today 8/24/11).  So with their limited ability they can only denigrate, make fun, and falsify liberalism.  You could feel sorry for them if it were not for the incredible damage they cause. The second conservative fear is everyone voting who is eligible.  If everyone who can vote came to vote, the Republican Party would cease to exist. 

To raise the banner of liberalism, to halt the denigration of our constitution, and the American society we will enact the following: 

  1. The first phase is to trumpet Liberalism, that is, make as much liberal noise as possible.  That is actively propagate liberalism by writing editorials to news papers and TV news shows,  by attending forums, writing articles, and calling talk shows.  Do the same thing on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. Where and whenever there is an opportunity to talk liberalism do so.  It is easier to remember noise than specifics.
  2. With any kind of funding the second phase will increase the intensity of engagement by running provocative liberals ads (How many people died from Republican hands today?), publishing liberal writings, and providing liberal icons (bumper stickers, t-shirts, etc…).  Most of our energy will be shoes on the pavement house to house pushing for liberal Democratic candidates. These candidates will be identified by the executive committee and the LNC voted upon by the LNP.
  3. With more funding we will actually give money to liberal Democratic Candidates and continue with #1 and #2.
  4. This is the final stage as a continuum.  We will run our own candidates making sure we do not split votes enabling Republicans to win.

We will be very careful to be flexible without giving up our liberal principles.  There are differences and there are absolutes.  We will goal toward the pure principles but not at the expense of progress.  Remember, it is not possible to behave rationally or be morally pure in an irrational or immoral situation.


Keith A. Dewey, Chairman