Liberal National Party
and Committee


  1. The “V” formation of the whole flock adds at least 71% greater flying range then if each bird flew alone. (Go with a group you trust and you can go further and higher).
  2. When the lead goose gets tired, he rotates back in the wing and another goose flies point.  (Take turns doing hard jobs).  The geese further back in the wing honk encouragement to the point goose (encouragement given and taken is a liberal feel good).
  3. When a goose gets sick or shot and has to stay behind two geese drop out of the wing and stay with the stricken goose until it dies or gets well.  If it gets well the other two stay with it on the journey back to their wing.  Along the way they may join other wings. Three geese have been seen flying in a wing with ducks. (This is a liberal way: stand by each other, protect one another, and meet new friends going your way, even if the new friends are not like you).
  4. A goose is fearless in protecting its rights. I saw a goose take on a pit bull and win.
  5. A goose is satisfied if the enemy just goes away, no need to kill it.
  6. A goose never kills another goose, chase it away maybe, but not hurt or kill.
  7. A goose mates for life.
  8. If a mate dies the flock will accept and comfort the loner.
  9. A goose will look after another’s nest when both parents are away.
  10. A goose is quick to warn other animals of danger.
  11. A goose operates in three dimensions not just two. It flies, not wedded to the ground.
  12. A goose is very athletic and quite agile.
  13. A goose has name/image recognition.  Geese are everywhere there is even a Mother Goose.  It is easy to use “goose” in drawing attention to the cause.
  14. And last but not least geese are beautiful, especially in flight.
  15. Goose's name is Liber the root word for liberal meaning free


Our symbol is a replica of an ancient Greek lamp displayed in the London Museum of Natural History. 

The lighted lamp has two messages:

First is to symbolize Pericles’ Funeral Oration in year one of the Peloponnesian Wars, 431BC. He deviated from the norm in his eulogy from praising the slain to praising the worth of sacrifice for the Athenian Society.  Pericles used the word liberal in describing Athens’s culture. It is the first recorded use of liberal found to date. 

Second, the eternal flame of liberal, lasting 2400 years, will always be; guiding us to the good life.